Sunday, May 29, 2011

LED Bright Focus Lamp


1)        390K  0.5W  Resistor
2)      100Ω 2W Resistor
3)      0.22uf  630V AC Capacitor
4)      22uf  100V Capacitor
5)      1N4007 Diode
6)      48V Zener
7)      270/20 MOV
 16 White LED

Circuit Diagram:


1) First connect all the component as shown in circuit diagram.
2) For connecting LED’s first make series of LED’s as shown in figure on a general purpose PCB.
  3) Then connect this PCB to the main driver circuit.
4) Now connect 230V power supply to the driver circuit.
5) And then switch on the power supply.
6) Make sure the connections are correct.
7) After switching on the power supply don’t touch any live wire.
8) Some pictures of light is shown bellow.